G-21 & 29
Your preferred convenience store, always there for you.
Happy Wash
Happy Wash Laundromat provides customers with high quality washing & drying services for their unique needs. Their outlet is open 24 hours daily as it is coin operated.

span class="green_title_text">Klinik Kumpulan Medic
Klinik Kumpulan Medic, is one of Qualitas Group practice clinic with comprehensive medical services.

Tel: +603 5612 0656
A brand new concept branch serving the millenials while providing essential banking services.

Tel: +603 5621 0743
G- 2
Young, original and unpretentious, RUEMZ is a unique hotel, tastefully designed, located in the very modern Taylor’s University campus and run mostly by students/interns from the School of Hospitatlity, Tourism and Culinary Arts.

Tel: +603 5632 0480 / 5632 0481
Tee Seng Resources
G- 17
Tee Seng Resources is a one-stop center for printing, paper, photocopy and stationeries.

Tel: +603 5632 3472
Sonia Laundry Station
G- 16
Sonia Laundry Station offers laundry services at reasonable prices.

Tel: +6016 634 6858