Starbucks offers fresh, rich-brewed, Italian-style espresso beverages, a variety of pastries and confections and Starbucks merchandise including tumblers, mugs and coffee press.

Nestled in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, our charming cafe offers a warm and inviting space to savor expertly brewed coffee, delectable treats, and heartfelt moments.

Old Town
Old Town offers local delights from white coffee, noodles, rice lite bites to western offerings and desserts.

Whatever you're in the mood for, SUBWAY® has a wide variety of Subs, salads, and sides to choose from. Every one of our Subs is made fresh in front of you, exactly the way you want it!.

A&W has etched itself into the hearts of many with its famed and distinguished root beer, floats, burgers, ice cream waffles and its beloved mascot, Rooty the Bear.

Tinto provides a quick and convenient spot to get your coffee fix and a quick pastry bite to eat.

Boba Tea House
Boba Tea House offers a wide assortment of beverages ranging from coffees, bubble teas, frappes, with a variety of baked goods.

Juice Lab!
JuiceLab provides juices and smoothie drinks, and smoothie bowl. Avocado series is signature of JuiceLab.

Rice On! offers ‘on the go’ food with local fusion flavours. It’s a new concept for people to enjoy simplified full meal.

Salad Atelier
Salad Atelier serves warm aglio olio, healthy dinosaur burger, poke bowl and more, or simply make your own creation with their DIY Series.

Shell Café
Shell Café features a selection of quick sandwiches and pastries to accompany your favorite coffee. Great for a quick bite on the go.

Bungkus Kaw Kaw
Bungkus Kaw Kaw is famous for strong, full-flavoured traditional foods & beverages made from their very own secret family recipes. Just say “bungkus kaw kaw” and you’ll get an authentic, full-bodied Malaysian drink to go.
Billy Boy's Kopitiam
G-26 & 27
Billy Boy's Kopitiam gives you a little taste of everything, from breakfast treats, local lunches and dinners, healthy salad options fun snack foods.

Jom Tarik Bistro
LG1-3 & 4
Jom Tarik Bistro provides the whole range of mamak food, from roti canai, naan, nasi kandar, and fried mee. Perfect for an assortment of local delights.

Classic Bowl
Classic Bowl offers various rice and noodle lunch options and provides options of smaller finger foods made for snacking.

Face to Face Noodle
Face to Face is with a 100 years of heritage of the unique noodle-making technique inherited from the founder’s great-grandfather; Face to Face Noodle House was birthed bringing authentic and high-quality noodles.
Seoul Korean Street Food
Korean street food is diverse, flavorful, and reflects the country's rich culinary heritage. You're sure to encounter an array of tempting treats to tantalize your taste buds.

JC Kanteen
JC KANTEEN is a Nanyang Kopitiam kiosk which provide various Malaysia style foods such as local beverages (kopi and teh), Nanyang chicken chop, Nasi lemak, toasted bread etc. The price and menu is friendly and flexible in combination.

Arisan Fried Chicken
ARISAN Fried Chicken is a road hawker style fried foods restaurant which specializes in frying recipe especially chicken. They provide several types of foods such as chicken, boneless meat, fish fillet and squid in reasonable and friendly price.
Joe Western
Joe’s Western, always serving delicious & generous portion of western food at affordable pricing.

LG1-10 & 11
COOX, where every bite is an adventure with diverse selection of tantalizing flavors and innovative creations. Mix and match to create your perfect meal and savor the experience with friends. Join us as we journey through a world of deliciousness together!
Prestige Cafe
Prestige Cafe offers a Fusion of Asian and Western Cuisine with high quality food, exceptional service and affordable pricing.

Mr. Mixed Rice
Mr Mixed Rice is a place where you can relive the nostalgia of home-cooked meals. We specialize in serving the most authentic Asian cuisine to soothe your soul.